Where do Insects Hide in Winter?

Few people are sad to say goodbye to bugs as winter approaches. Most are glad to have a few months of relief from the mosquitos, gnats, and ants that typify the hot summer months.

Have you ever wondered where the bugs go when they seemingly disappear in winter? Insects deal with the colder temperatures in several different ways. We’ll tell you what they do and how they come back when the temperatures rise again in the spring.

Wasps and ladybugs hibernate for the winter. They find sheltered spaces in structures such as home walls, attics, and hidden spots. They also find holes in trees. They are able to stay warm and safe for this period of time until it is warm enough to emerge.

Several bugs, including ants, termites, and bees huddle together for warmth. Bees huddle in hives to stay warm and eat the available honey for energy.

Larvae or pupae
Many insects spend winter as eggs, larvae, or pupae. This is the time when they grow from immature forms to full, mature insects. Mosquitos spend winter as eggs. This is the right time for them to hibernate because they are able to mature during the cold months and emerge when the temperatures rise.

MigrationMigrating Monarch Butterflies Several types of butterflies migrate during the winter. They travel to a warmer location and return to their original habitat when winter is over.

Insects must follow their unique winter cycle. They can’t survive the low temperatures, so they adjust to stay alive. This tends to be an advantage for us, as we have relief from swarming insects for a few months. The bugs are still there, they are simply adjusting their behavior so they can thrive when spring arrives.

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5 comments on “Where do Insects Hide in Winter?

  1. This is fantastic information that answers a very popular question. Great post!

  2. I have always been curious of this topic, I am glad to have had it answered. Thank you!

  3. It’s amazing how nature has all of these little systems in place to survive the harsh winter. Very cool

  4. Interesting information. I’ve always been curious of what happens to wasps during the winter months.

  5. I thought that all the animals simply hibernated during the winter. Thanks for sharing the correct information.

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